Before our children were born, they had a special conversation with God. They asked Him to give them parents that would care for them, help them with their special needs and most of all love them more than anything else. With that we were chosen as parents to these beautiful children. And for that we are honored and forever grateful. 
Thank you Emma & Harrison for choosing us.

February 28, 2009

What a BIG BOY!

Harrison had his 4 month check-up...(sort of...he has a double ear infection so no shots for about a week) but he was measured and weighed. He is 26" long and 17 lbs.! No wonder my arm is broken and Bill's back is killing him!


  1. Are you kidding??? He and Will are the same size - LOL.

  2. 17 pounds! Wow. Nathan is 14 months old and weighs maybe 21 pounds! Good going Harrison - must be all that yummy baby food!