Before our children were born, they had a special conversation with God. They asked Him to give them parents that would care for them, help them with their special needs and most of all love them more than anything else. With that we were chosen as parents to these beautiful children. And for that we are honored and forever grateful. 
Thank you Emma & Harrison for choosing us.

April 26, 2009

Olive Making a Difference!-Part 2

In my previous post I mentioned the business I'm starting with a partner. It is all about Mom and the things she loves, including her kids. Most importantly it also celebrates the wonderful challenges moms face in life and the courage it takes to get through them. One of which is most dear to me for obvious reasons; deafness and cochlear implants. 

The objective of the company is to separate ourselves from other clothing lines which also celebrate moms, but instead NOT ONLY celebrate but show the real meaning of being a mom and make a difference. We will be launching the line soon with several thematic graphics on t-shirts which will pertain to certain causes. A percentage of the proceeds will go to specific non-profit organizations. So as a sneak preview.......the cochlear implant t-shirt!!!!!


  1. I definitely want this one. When can I get and will it be available in a t-shirt?

  2. Love this design! This reminds me of a recent post when I commented that Harrison hears with his heart.

    When can I buy one or two?