Before our children were born, they had a special conversation with God. They asked Him to give them parents that would care for them, help them with their special needs and most of all love them more than anything else. With that we were chosen as parents to these beautiful children. And for that we are honored and forever grateful. 
Thank you Emma & Harrison for choosing us.

March 23, 2009

I swear you can hear me!

Harrison will be 5 months old this Friday. He failed his newborn hearing test in the hospital. While we were there they took blood for genetic testing for Connexin 26. We knew that was definitely a possibility since his sister is deaf because of it. We got the results back from the genetic test and it was positive. In the meantime he had an ABR and failed miserably! The poster child for a cochlear implant! And yet, I find myself saying "I swear you can hear me!" He does things and imitates me like he can hear me talking to him! I even have said to myself "ok this is why his surgery has been postponed...because he can hear! 

But I have to remind myself that Emma did the same thing. That one sense is gone so the others are more dominant, and they both are extremely visual. A therapist, when Emma was a baby, told me she could  probably read lips and she was pretty sure she picked up on bodily cues. I was shocked! But interestingly enough, I find myself forgetting all of those things with Harrison. I've pulled out the genetic results a few times to make sure I read it right! I even recently did that with Emma's results and those are 3 years old! I guess that is the "joy" of being a parent; constant worry that you are doing the right thing for your child!

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  1. He hears you MB. Don't ever think he doesn't. Some hear with their hearts not just their ears.